• Added - New 2D template section added to show homepages
  • Added - Complete video hosting migration to Vimeo
  • Added - Finalize BlueJeans event integration
  • Added - Additional event and post UI improvements
  • Added - New integrations icon in administration
  • Added - Calendar day names in event calendars changed from abbreviation to full day text for better translations into other languages
  • Fixed - Issue with members downloading files in their dashboard
  • Fixed - Issue with vimeo allowing video downloads
  • Fixed - Issue with changing type on an existing post
  • Fixed - Issue with requiring fields on step 1 of event posts disappearing
  • Fixed - When deleting a field in set up calendar tab in administration, field appearing red
  • Fixed - Register button displaying for some past events
  • Fixed - All events are auto checked already when adding events manually to a directory
  • Fixed - Wrong column header name in events table in administration
  • Fixed - Issue with links not checked to open in a new tab, are still opening in a new tab
  • Fixed - Adjust breadcrumbs in account and booth sections in administration
  • Fixed - Site level pages in member dashboard tiles are not updated when edited
  • Fixed - Add subtitle text to events in event details section

Coming Soon

  • New detailed reporting on videos
  • Speed and other improvements on community
  • New application UI
  • Full width modern backend and admin navigation
  • BlueJeans meeting integration enhancements