• Added - Additional BlueJeans meeting improvements
  • Added - Increase page load speeds for data tables in administration
  • Fixed - Issue with some data disappearing in administration wizards when clicking the browser "back" button
  • Fixed - Issue with editing booth dashboards
  • Fixed - Issue with Bulk actions button when mass editing attendees or users not functioning
  • Fixed - Issue with requiring name when adding speakers
  • Fixed - Issue with Zoom integration showing both webinar and meeting user accounts even when just webinar was selected (Still displaying meetings accounts with no webinar)
  • Fixed - Issue with attendee dashboard calendar hover pop up not fully displayed
  • Fixed - Issue with "Webinar Link:" title text for events disappearing when refreshed
  • Fixed - Issue with delete confirmation pop up not appearing when deleting attendees
  • Fixed - Issue with deleting some images from a tile section in attendee dashboards
  • Fixed - Issue with copying a booth not retaining the booth type field

Coming Soon

  • Attendee Application Process Improvements