• Added - Booth header redesign and improvements
    • Added new icons for description and calendar
    • Moved In Booth Now and Message buttons to corner
    • Added "Online Now" feature to custom headers
    • Improved pop up modal for description
  • Added - New icons for sharing and downloading posts
  • Added - Added new tiles and rearranged tiles for easier site management in site admin dashboard
  • Fixed - Speakers and sponsors display error on event posts for certain attendee types
  • Fixed - Incorrect number appearing in page preview for manually selected events in event directory
  • Fixed - Issue adding extra reminders as an attendee for their own events
  • Fixed - Issue copying a catalog, display modal appears too long
  • Fixed - Issue displaying sections as a booth admin creating new pages
  • Fixed - Issue for site admins incorrectly linked when clicking message tile in administration
  • Fixed - Issue when creating new booth admins unable to opt out of forum notifications
  • Fixed - Issue for site admins editing attendee dashboard when deleting a page linked to a live tile
  • Fixed - Issue where home link text appearing as an option in 2D virtual booth sections
  • Fixed - Issue for attendees where dashboard tiles only open in new tabs
  • Fixed - Issue where images not displaying properly in members only pages

Coming Soon

  • BlueJeans event integration
  • Video hosting upgrades
  • Capacity limits on event registration
  • New API implementation for faster email sends
  • New code injection enabled for backend administration